Integrity of heart is recommended by the Foundation for all Volunteer/s, Author/s, Publisher/s, Consultants, Editor/s or their respective Volunteers, Employee/s, Contractor/s Distributor/s, Agent/s and all other related bodies, structures or entities, hereafter called party or parties. For and including all, reader/s, listener/s or viewer/s; whether consumer, family, lay person or professional, hereafter called person, or people, for the good of one and all. Meaning; self, partner, babies, family, pets, home, livestock and environs of this living planet earth, with the highest respect of the sovereign rights of awakening humanity—of natural sentient men, women, babies, children, youth, and seniors, with kind respect and care toward pets, livestock, environments of earth, air, waters, flora, fauna, solid and subtle, seen and unseen, connected atmospheres or realities, space, and all existence between and beyond etc.

All information, insight, tips, ideas, tools—actual or perceived within stories of experience have been given in good faith for the greater good and common knowledge of the whole. With reflection and appropriate consideration, what is perceived by people, may add to the personal or professional knowledge base of the individual reader, listener or viewer.

All reasonable care, diligence, and attention have been taken in the preparation of material in this/these publication/s, as able at the time. They are a compilation of gifted, or donated stories, which include insight of life and birthing. Personal or professional experiential knowledge gathered by author/s via family life, nursing, midwifery, other professions, health and wellness interests offered.

These works are anecdotal in essence. At the time of writing all professionals who gifted stories of their experiences held relevant professional registration, unless otherwise stated,

It is not intended that the information, concepts or ideas inspired by the parties for and including all reader/s, listener/s or viewer/s; whether consumer, family, lay person or professional; whether written, electronic, transmedia forms or in spoken word, shared in stories of personal testimony, or group presentation or discussion, including but not limited to matters concerning; family, fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth preparation, labour and birthing, babies, breast feeding matters, related postnatal recovery experience, lotus birth, childcare, parenting, sexuality, menopause, diet, exercise, stretches, wellness, lifestyle, relaxation, thought concepts, relationship matters, child care, spiritual views, the use of conventional, holistic, wellness or alternative health care approaches or considered treatments, real or presumed by the reader/listener/viewer/presenter, are to be used as a substitute for appropriate professional attention and proper advice from relevant qualified practitioners of their particular time in history, culture or location.

The reader, viewer, listener or presenter, is not to depend on information, suggestions or advice presumed or otherwise, from material in this or other publications any form of presentation by the parties.

It is recommended someone seeking pregnancy or health care consult his or her own appropriate professional practitioner, and if needed, seek a second or third opinion, before embracing any style of care presumed or suggested, whether from this source or from other book/s, blog, e-books, transmedia productions etc., without first satisfying their own conscience, sought appropriate professional review and willingly taken personal responsibility for choices made, as similar results found within the experience of a story, cannot be guaranteed or expected to be the same.

All works are a reflection of the author/s personal, professional and/or spiritual understandings and are not intended to speak for any profession, wellness, health, medical, nursing and midwifery, teacher, spiritual path or religion. There may be in this or any other work/s occasional use of certain terms (Eckankar, ECK, Soul Travel, and Mahanta) that are trademarks of ECKANKAR, or in a similar way, trademarks of any other organization, profession, belief or teaching. A fair and reasonable use of such words are intended, as with any words or terms that could be used on occasion, reflective of other beings, persons, bodies, structures or entities work/s trademark/s, tag line/s or slogan/s of same or other group/s, path/s, teaching/s, profession/s, or religion/s, culture/s or belief system which may also be found in this or any other work/s.

This does not imply any endorsement or sponsorship by Eckankar or by any other group, path, teaching, profession, religion, culture, or belief system where reasonable use of words of affinity may have been used or appear to have been used. It is intended only to make a “fair use” of such terms, recognizing, for example, that the rights to their trademark usage belong entirely to Eckankar or whatever work, group, path, profession, religion, culture, belief system, body, structure or entity may have been considered, mentioned, perceived as, or actually alluded to within stories and reflections made around the experience relayed within particular stories compiled or presented in the Foundation work/s, in personal setting/s, group discussion/s, private or open public presentation/s.

The parties shall not accept liability for any injury, loss or damage caused or presumed to be caused to any person, adult, child, unborn, newborn, or long born (older persons), consciously or inadvertently acting or failing to act, arising from the included material or inadvertent omission, default, or overlooked breach of duty in any of the works by any of the parties.

In living the daily ‘hum drum’ in your own extra-ordinary way, and developing the majesty of your life, do expand your capabilities and offer your uplifting gifts of being each day in this world—your presence, thoughts, words, actions and love—with heartfelt regard to the sovereign rights of your own true self and that of awakening humanity to spiritual connection and potential, of natural sentient men and women, their babies, children, youth, seniors, the planet and environs within and beyond its perimeters as progress may eventually allow.

From heart to heart, seek and know the truth of love’s higher connection and harmony amidst the changes that come as the carpet of time moves each us along.