Know your body, Know your baby, Trust your knowing

Having a new baby can be a relaxed and enjoyable change, a powerful change, a learning curve in getting to know self, each other, and baby on the way. Knowledge through learning in a variety of ways certainly can enhance the experience of pregnancy,giving birth to baby and placenta, and parenting. Each persons

journey into parenthood and family is different for sure! Each pregnancy women experience brings more to their personal birthing wisdom.

My experience is that healthy women who choose labour at home, who would like to birth at home, do so with much consideration and realisation that home birth will give their baby the opportunity of a safe entrance into the world in an environment of sacred space; with people they trust, people who truly care, people who understand and trust birth, ideally with the freedom to choose primary midwives throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatal six weeks. Home birth is wisely a choice, not necessity due to a lack of basic health and food facilities as in some places on the globe of Earth-these are two very different extremes in scenarios birthing opportunities. oplace .

Understanding the ways of how woman body and baby work together during birth, does help to change fear of the unknown to a place of willingness and trust, even if, and naturally so, still a little nervous of a new experience. This woman birthing knowledge and understanding helps the underlying confidence grows to, I can do this! This developing sense of self respect and confidence a pregnant woman can develop within and toward herself and child on the way can also be called kindness in action, or love: another golden key in birthing well!

Key words for me, right from the beginning, when I accepted the career direction of birthing at home, for myself, men, women, and families giving birth, expanding into parenting: Know your body. Know your Baby. Trust your knowing. Love is a golden key. Pregnant women giving birth, take these principles to heart and make them your own, whichever way your baby is born, these attitudes carry through into daily life and draw to you what you most need for the best within the Big Picture.

Quiety, over the years, I had gained professional experiences in both public and private hospital maternity work in three different Australian states. This included city fringe hospitals, major hospitals, five star private and country hospitals. Clearly I saw more than one way of approaching a whole variety of pregnancy and birth scenarios with varying outcomes.

I was glad of all this experience as I unfolded a model, or approach to antenatal preparation and birth work care aimed at the prevention or minimisation of what ifs and held a consistent goal of woman birthing their baby well, wherever and however the birth journey unfolded.

Our shared experience, woman and midwife working together throughout their pregnancy and birth added to the whole package I eventually came to offer in private practice of Sacred Birth. A womans knowledge and understanding consequently gives her increased ability to choose and prepare herself for birth and parenting. It is women who have asked me to share my story, our stories for the benefit and inspiration of others. These stories are in the pipeline. Book, bookletse-books and books to come. Susan

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Way of Sacred Birth

Way of Sacred Birth: Put love back into birth and living. Transform 'scared to sacred'.

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